Day 2/21 Days of #movement and #ketones

It’s not getting easier, I’m getting #BETTER 💪🏻 Day 2/21 days of #movement and #ketones Mission: strength and confidence. HERE

My plan to Optimize my Metabolism 💥

I ran ‘naked’ this morning…I mean, UNPLUGGED📱and I got to thinking. 🤔 So, I came up with a plan. I’m getting ready to report to my ‘Metabolic Boss!’ 🔥I’m doing a 5-Day Modified Supported Fast ✨ this month in conjunction with my #131method to improve my gut health, regulate my hormones, and optimize my metabolic performance. Check out my latest post up & my pink camouflage on my You Tube! 👍🏻

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BETTER with Water 💦

Are you drinking enough water? Why are you drinking anything other than water? What excuses, what bad habits are you allowing to stand between you and BETTER health?

WATER 💦 – it’s a powerful tool in breaking weight loss resistance.

75% of us are chronically dehydrated. No wonder we don’t feel good. Some symptoms of chronic dehydration include:

1. fat and weight loss resistance – when your body doesn’t have enough water, your metabolism slows down. Your body needs a certain amount of water for metabolic processing. Dehydration makes it hard for our bodies to utilize fat as fuel when we’re dehydrated; we’re storing more fat and packing on pounds.

2. constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, or any type of dysbiosis – hydration is essential for all bodily function, especially digestive processes.

3. bloating and water retention – when your body doesn’t have enough water, it holds on to what it has because it’s not getting enough.

4. brain fog, headaches, depression, inability to focus & concentrate – dehydration restricts the blood supply to our brain which doesn’t allow it 🧠 to function properly.

5. low blood pressure, hypertension, and/or a sudden drop in blood pressure; muscle weakness – dehydration creates an imbalance in our salts and electrolytes in our body.

6. dry skin, urinary tract infections, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, premature aging (wrinkles), and high cholesterol.

When I don’t get enough water, I feel it in my joints. That’s because water is a lubricant and keeps the cartilage around our joints hydrated and supple. It’s also what protects our spinal chord and tissues. You can survive without food, but you cannot survive without water.

How much water do we need? Experts say six to eight cups per day. Others say, 50% of your body weight in ounces. The truth is that it depends and everyone is different. Guidelines don’t take into account height, how much sodium is in our diet, activity level, age, hormones, and weather conditions. Here’s a tip for ya…use the color of your urine as a guide. We’re drinking enough water when our urine is almost clear. Can we drink too much? that would be tough. We’d know because we would constantly be going to the bathroom and we’d feel it.

I personally try to drink 75 to 100 ounces per day. I start my mornings (even before coffee) with 16 oz of water. I don’t feel over-hydrated or dehydrated. It’s a good amount for me.

If you make one healthy choice for BETTER today, I hope that this inspires you to drink more water because of the profound effect that it has on our cellular function, hormone regulation, digestion, and gut health – to become healthy from the inside out.

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Savor the Holiday Season

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30-Day Miracle Morning Challenge

I’m often asked how I find the time to get my daily workouts done, participate in Bible studies, help others get started on their heath & fitness journeys all in a day. I attribute much of it to ‘The Miracle Morning’ and the amazing life changing routines that have changed my life.

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