Pursuing BEST: body, soul, and mind Ke+TONE{d} 🦄




How it works: You drink one per day! It helps to gain energy, lose cravings and reduces appetite making it easy to follow any meal plan successfully to get results! For maximium weight loss results you can drink 2 per day if you wish!

My group has a full ketogenic meal plan included to help you get the best results, however any meal plan can be followed to expereince benefits.


Monette Kilburn, Independent Pruvit Promoter


Benefits: 🦄
Fat Loss
Muscle Preservation
Fast & Sustained Energy
Reduces Brain Fog
Appetite Suppression
Strength Gain
Better Mood
Better Sleep
Better Digestion



Start Your 5 OR 10 DAY EXPERIENCE!
Try all of the flavors and products in this system before buying a full package!!

I have three amazing options to choose from to start your experience!! The 5 day is really just to sample flavors, the 10 Day you will not only find your favorite flavor and blend to know what to order for your full supply but many also see incredible results in their 10 day experience! I suggest if you want to try all of the flavors you pick option #1.

More Info: Keto//OS Product
More Info: Keto//OS MAX Product

Options to Start Your 10 Day Experience
Option #1 Every Flavor (Recommended)     C1FAA148-64F7-439A-8AD3-1F1FD12D786F

10 Day ULTIMATE Experience :
Experience ALL The incredible flavors and blends of the Max and OS products as well as the NEW Functional fat technology of Keto Kreme with this 10 Day Kit!

10 Day: $80 + $4 Shipping
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What’s Included in your 10 Day Ultimate kit?

  •  2 Orange Creme Keto//OS
  • 2 Chocolate Swirl Keto//OS
  • 2 Maui MAX
  • 2 Raspberry Lemonade MAX
  • 1 Swiss Cocoa Keto//OS MAX
  • 1 Keto Kreme

Option #2 MAX Experience

5 or 10 Day MAX Experience:
MAX contains 40% more Ketones than all other blends. With this kit you will get a variety of max flavors to try.

10 Day: $70 + $4 Shipping
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5 Day: $40 + $3 Shipping
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5 or 10 Day Experience:
This kit includes 4 Orange OS, 4 Chocolate Swirl OS & 2 Max Flavors

10 Day: $60 + $4 Shipping
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5 Day: $35 + $3 Shipping
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Order a Full Supply!
If you are READY to go for a full experience, you can purchase a 20 day supply to get MAX results!, I use and recommend the Raspberry Lemonade 🍋  formula or the Chocolate Swirl OS (shake with cold coffee, ice and half n half! like an iced latte!) Order TODAY & Smart Ship to save 22% off your following months! & After 3 months on smart ship you earn free product with your 4th shipment! Cancel anytime!

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Fat Loss
Muscle Preservation
Fast & Sustained Energy
Reduces Brain Fog
Appetite Suppression
Strength Gain
Better Mood
Better Sleep
Better Digestion

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Fun Group to help you get RESULTS! 9B1B5165-CAD9-498E-9B97-FA72F004ED11.jpegAfter ordering Join this Group
In this group you will get access to a ketogenic meal plan to help you get maximum results if your goal with this product is weight loss!



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* Start with 1/2 a packet on day 1 to allow your body to get used to the product, you can do the other half later in the day if you wish!

* If you are pregnant or nursing I suggest you start with the Chocolate Swirl or Maui Max in the Caffeine Free. (consult a doctor before starting)

* This product is safe for everyone! (except check with your doctor if you have kidney issues, diabetes or are pregnant or nursing) There are no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. This product is Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free (except there is dairy in the Orange Dream). MAX formulas are also Kosher Certified.
Need help deciding? Message me!!




Savor the Holiday Season

Do the holidays stress you out? Do you OVER indulge and regret it? Not this year, my friend. I have a solution. You are invited to JOIN me and a special group of awesome women as we “Savor the Season!” Actually enjoy the holiday season this year. Thrive, don’t just survive. JOIN us as we use fitness, nutrition, personal development, & support to help us slow down and find JOY this holiday season.

Comment below or shoot me an email @ monetteunraveled@gmail.com for all the details.

We start prepping next Monday 11/20; officially starting Monday 11/27.

Going to the gray side.

I’ve been toying with the idea of transitioning from colored to natural gray hair for many, many months now.  I’ve been gray-curious! I’m a true believer in God’s timing.  I think that my health and wellness journey has prepared me for such a time as this.  Just as loosing 35# doesn’t happen overnight, I know that I won’t suddenly wake up with silver strands as if someone painted them on.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  But, just as poor nutrition choices over time caught up with me in extra pounds and poor health related issues – I know that the chemical color treatments that I’ve been adding to me hair for years will take some time to grow out.  It’ll surely be a process, but I just may be ready to embrace this journey to gray like I took on my health & wellness journey.  Head down…focus on what’s in front of me, NO looking back!

What’s surprised me the most has been the reactions from those that I’ve share my decision with…opinions have been strong. Ultimately, I came to understand that what others think really doesn’t matter.  This is about, Monette.  Redefining beauty for myself.  As I get older, I am finding that the more true I am to myself – the happier I am. I can’t explain just how I feel about loosing the dark brown color.  As women, we are constantly on a mission to reverse the signs of aging so, to let go and accept that I am aging is scary.  I may not feel like 47, but the truth is…I am and I don’t need to try to deny that reality. This is personal…I am in NO way passing judgement on anyone that chooses otherwise.

For me, it’s about freedom and total acceptance of myself.  Unlike weight loss, the good news is that if I can’t take it, I’m just a short trip to Walgreens for a box color…HA!  In all seriousness…I think it’s more about timing and confidence.  I feel like my 40’s has been a decade of coming into my own and just being me.  Less is more!  Although I LOVE my stylist, I’m tired of managing appointments and spending $$$ every 6 weeks at a salon,  I hope I can pull it off, but at this point –  I’m choosing to ditch the dye and go gray – gracefully (that’s the goal).  So, I’m sharing my journey with you and looking forward to re-defining Monette’s style.  There I go again…UNRAVELING!

(9 weeks post salon color/3 weeks home root touch up)

Hello November! 🍂

“How are you living?” JOIN me! 🍂 Every day during the month of November I am choosing to “Live Well.” Before I close my eyes at night, I will ask myself, “How did I live today?” Did I…was I???

– grateful/thankful

– journal

– practice kindness always

– show compassion for suffering

– volunteer

– pray

– rise early – read more

– Bible study

– plan a date night with Jaye

– drink more water

– choose healthy snacks

– play a game with Joel

– spend one-on-one time with BIG kids

– go outside/spend time in nature

– MOVE my body

– sleep 😴

– meditate

– meet a friend for coffee or lunch

– cook rice and gravy for the fam – talk less, listen more

– challenge myself – LOVE more

RISING November…won’t you JOIN me?! 🍁 Feel free to comment. I look forward to growing with you, friends. 🍂

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I am unfinished – press on!

Some days I just want to be finished. I’ve learned that I am not entirely in control of this journey of living well: body, soul & mind. I’ve learned that there is danger in becoming complacent in thinking that I am all better. I have not finished. He isn’t finished with me yet. I am ‘unfinished’ – not been made perfect (Christlike). I have been changed and I have grown tremendously, but I must be disciplined daily – press on…to continue to heal, grow and change.

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I actively press on so that I may take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me and made me His own. ~ Philippians 3:12

Lord, you’ve brought me so far and have gained so much. But, I grow weary and complacent. I want to continue to grow and learn. Lord, help me to want to press on. Help me to do what I need to do today to move toward you. Take hold of me, Lord. Amen.

Happy Trails!

Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul. ~ Author Unknown

Trail running is such a great activity you can do for your body and even more – your mind. It challenges you, and changes you.

I started trail running at Sam Houston State Park with a group of peeps a year ago. We typically run what is called the Blue Trail, which is about 3.5 miles. The trails are hilly and VERY stumpy. The terrain is rough. I tripped on a stump only 100 yards into my first run. I learned quickly that trail running is NOT road running. I’ll share some TIPS before you hit the trails in a separate blog. But, first…I wanted to share with you…

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Running Trails

1. To be one with nature – you’ll make friends with the animals, flowers and trees you encounter along the trail. Watching all of animals wake up and the sun rise along the trails is a blessing. 🦌

2. You’ll never get bored – there are no straight lines on the trails and you never know what the next curve will bring you. There are hills, downhills, down trees, water puddles, waterways, branches – the trails are always changing. If you ran the same trail all year round, the scenery would change often with the weather and seasons.

3. Escape the concrete jungle – we spend most of our waking hours in the city – working, going to school, running errands, taking care of business…a change of scenery is therapeutic.

4. It’s still, quiet, and peaceful – there is no road noise, horns blowing and you don’t have to dodge traffic or people (except the occasional bike rider). The noises of the city are replaced with birds chirping, leaves rustling, water flowing. Your mind gets quiet and relaxed. There is peace.

5. It challenges you – you’ll want to push yourself. You might start by walking the hills then before you know it, you’ll be running more of the hills than you walk. You may have to jump over puddles or holes and climb over or under limbs. The trails require you to be agile, providing you with a great full body workout.

6. It’s easier on your body – trail running is easier on my knees and joints than running on pavement. The terrain is softer. The changing terrain of the trails strengthens muscles that support your legs and feet.

7. Breath fresh air – and hot & humid most months in Louisiana (LOL). Tired of inhaling the fumes courtesy of industry of the city? Go for a run in the woods! Running on a treadmill can’t give you fresh air of the woods.

8. It’s a slower run – trail running is more about the experience than the speed of the run.

9. You’ll get dirty, but you won’t mind – it’s inevitable with changing weather conditions and seasons. You may get wet and muddy, but it’s sure to be fun.

10. Spending time in nature will makes you happier and calms you down – it’ll boost your creativity and help you to focus on the now by clearing your thoughts – escaping your head.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your trail shoes and head to the woods. Pack some water and bug spray. If you get out there stressed, you’ll leave feeling so much better. The trails are healing!

What do you like doing to stay active? Are you a runner? Would you like to try trail running?

Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re local and care to join us for a trail run – please join us; message me for more details.

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30-Day Miracle Morning Challenge

I’m often asked how I find the time to get my daily workouts done, participate in Bible studies, help others get started on their heath & fitness journeys all in a day. I attribute much of it to ‘The Miracle Morning’ and the amazing life changing routines that have changed my life.

Discover how waking up early and practicing 6 life S.A.V.E.R. activities first thing in the morning can  help you build mindfulness and set yourself up for a successful day.

This challenge is based on the principles taught by author, Hal Elrod in his bestselling book, The Miracle Morning. 🌅

JOIN me for this 30-day challenge and transform your life starting October 2nd!  Comment below or click on the link below to get started.